Every Story Has An End...   But In Life...  Every Ending Is Just A new Beginning!   - Ray -

            Welcome to the New Beginnings Knitwork website!  We call it a 'knitwork' because of the 'oneness' , the 'connection' we have in Him with each other.  He is the 'single cord' that is interwoven over and over, in all of our hearts.  Thus, a 'weaving', a 'knitwork', the weaving of  a 'new branch' in the family tree of life.  It's a 'knitwork' of 'like precious faith'.  It is a 'people who have never been a people before,(1Peter 2:9).  This website is merely a means whereby God's heart can connect with us as well as where we can connect with each other, and with the world.  It's a new day, a new thousand years.  "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as in heaven..." , God's kingdom is becoming established as a reality in the earth,  and it all revolves around the one who made it all, Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach!  

            As the current age is coming to an end God is doing a 'new thing'.  He is bringing about a 'new beginning'!  It's about a 'new heavens and a new earth' first of all.  It's also about Jesus returning as the ruler of heaven and earth to bring a true peace and rest to all of mankind.  It's about 'the knowledge of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the sea', and 'the glory of God being revealed to all flesh'.  That means in a visible manifestation, one that everyone will be able to see and to experience!(Ezekiel 48:35)

           It isn't hard to see that things all around us in our current world are changing.  Our way of life is failing, collapsing, and coming to an end, and none of us are exempt from it.  Rather, the impacts of it are greatly effecting us all.  Not only that, but we have reached a 'climax' , a 'peak' , an 'age of ages', the end of six thousand years.  The true sons of God are being revealed.  Satan is also at work.  The original temptation of becoming 'gods' in ourselves is resurfacing in its greatest influence and power over mankind, right now, today!   In looking at current spiritual circles, the two, the Sons of God and the sons of the devil, are so intertwined that it is hard to discern or to know the difference between them sometimes.  At the very beginning in the Garden of Eden this 'intertwining'  brought about the 'conflict' between light and darkness, between the seed of the woman, and the seed of the serpent.  What happened there saw its 'fruit' in Cain and Abel.  There in the Garden, the 'war', the 'battle of the ages' began.  It's a warfare that has been ongoing ever since, and it is coming to its final confrontation and eternal outcome right here in our time, today!  Right in the midst of all that is going on, God has birthed this 'knitwork' , this new Branch(Isaiah 4) that those who are seeking truth, those who want more out of life, will be set apart and blessed in places of safety where the very presence of God will be known and witnessed by everyone.

       New Beginnings Radio(see the Radio Page) Has been a voice for God through this Knitwork to the world(there is no live broadcast at this time).  It's a clear trumpet, a voice among the voices, entreating and encouraging all who hear to take their journey, to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the pathway of the kingdom of God, the pathway of life! 

            This website is an introduction for the 'Knitwork as related to the return of Jesus Christ'.  Knitwork is just a 'term' used as a rallying point for the thousand year Kingdom God will establish, an also to identify a new people who are being called out of all peoples around the Globe!  Overall, it represents a large and growing number of 'gatherings' of people, people who have never been connected together before this time.  It also represents their 'new beginnings', all of which are manifesting and making known the 'new thing' that God is doing(Isaiah 43:18,19).  It's all centered around Jesus, nothing else.  Jesus has been both adored and maligned in many ways.  It's time for a fresh look, time to get to know Jesus as he is and to put all of the other to rest.  All in all, everything here is to encourage people everywhere to find their destiny, their place in the whole plan of God.  God has a purpose in each of our lives, our 'destiny' if you will; one that we were born to fulfill.  God has provided this New Beginnings Knitwork and many other websites, voices and resources around the world, to aid us and to help guide us as we fulfill that destiny each and every day!  May your visit here be pleasurable and may it add to all of the things we each are experiencing along the course of our Journey!

      Everything you will see and experience here is a constant flow of growth and development, so please check back often.

        God bless you and thank you very much for visiting and looking over the New Beginnings Knitwork!