We Come To You In The Name Of jesus And No Other!

Father, we lift up our hearts and our voices before you and declare your greatness!  There is none other that is like you.  You are the source and the life of all things.  You alone are our God!  All that is true, and lovely, and good, is in you, and from you.  You fill us with wholeness and completeness through your Son, Jesus Christ.  Only in you is our joy made full, and only in you we have peace and gladness.  Come!  Come unto us, and fill all of the earth with your glory!  Cause it to become your delight and your praise according to your greatness, not ours.  Fill the earth with the sound of your voice!  Fill the earth with a new song, one of victory, one of happiness, one of good will!  And come!  And dwell with us, your people forever!  For you alone are our God, and none other!

The harvest has come, the day is ending, and evil has laid a snare to cut us off.  Deliver us, O God, as only you can.  Cause us to stand and not fall.  Open our hearts, Lord, open our eyes, and cause us to hear your salvation as it is in Jesus.  Jesus alone is our way, our truth, and our light.  So many deny Him, Father.  So many do not know Him.  So many despise Him, curse Him, and blaspheme His name, the name that is above every name.  They don't really know Him, Father.  That's why we have been raised up as a new generation in Him, in the earth.  That the world can see Him and come to know Him through us before He comes in person!

The Ages are now done, and it's time for the Age of Ages, the New Day.  It doesn't just happen, Father, there first has to be an 'end', a judgment, an accounting.  Everything in heaven and in earth will be judged according to your mercy and righteousness, not ours.  We don't understand this, Father, your ways are higher than ours.  We don't understand the times in which we are living.  We don't understand the huge changes that are taking place.  Nor do we know what to do.  That's why we need you, Father, and that's why you sent Jesus.  Everything we need is in Him!  Pour out your Spirit of Conviction, Lord!  Take away our blindness.  Cause us to know and to see ourselves as we are.  Cause us to see our great need of you!  And draw us to Jesus as never before!

Jesus, open the way for your own to declare you.  Open the way for your salvation to come afresh into all the earth.  We want to be with you, and to be like you, only you and none other!  There's no one else like you.  There is no one else who can do what you do.  Come!  With all of the saints who have gone before us, and all of the angels of the hosts of Heaven.  Bring Heaven into the earth and bring earth into the heavenly.  Cause a New Glory to shine in us and all of the Creation!  We are your seed, your generation, your sons and daughters.  Jesus!, shine in us!  And light up the whole world!  Cause the earth to bud and to burst forth and to blossom afresh today just like you did in the beginning when you created all things.  Cause all of the earth to see and to know your Glory as it is in the Father, now and forever!  O God, Come and make your abode in us and among us, for we are your people, the sheep of your pasture, and the fruit of your vineyard!

Bless this website and every other site that exalts and lifts You up!  Completely take over the Internet and use it for your Kingdom purposes alone.  For you alone are God, and there is none other!


Hey Everyone!  Come To The Waters!  The Water Of Life In Jesus!  And Drink Your Fill!

It's Free! Always Has been, Always Will Be!

"The Holy Bible"

The Water Of The Word, The Bread Of Life