"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."

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WheresThe House, The New Gathering, April 28, 2016.mp3

Something has Changed, April 26, 2016.mp3

It's Time For The New, April 24, 2016.mp3

A Way Where There Is No Way, April 21, 2016.mp3

A Last Minute Appeal From Jesus, Identity Or Identification, April 19, 2016.mp3

Sleeping With The Enemy, April17, 2016.mp3

Idolatry, Unraveling The Mixture, April 14, 2016.mp3

It's Time To Come To Our Places, April 12, 2016.mp3

The End Or A New Beginning, April 10, 2016.mp3

Time To Build A New House, Part III Show The House To The House, April 7, 2016.mp3

Time To Build A New House, Part II, Impact Imminent, End Of The Church As We Know It, April 5, 2016.mp3

Time To Build A New House, Part I, Avoiding The Snare, Closing The Door On Satan, April 3, 2016.mp3

The Elijah Challenge, March 31, 2016.mp3

Changing Seasons, March 29, 2016.mp3

Death And Resurrection.mp3

The Mountain Of the Lord, The High Ground, March 24, 2016.mp3

'8' Days That Change Everything!, March 20, 2016.mp3

I'm Coming Soon!, Our Divine Appointment With Jesus!, March 17, 2016.mp3

This Is Not A Drill!, March 13, 2016.mp3

Things Are Beginning To Focus, March 10, 2016.mp3

I Will Trust In You!, March 6, 2016.mp3

GameChanger! We Are The Point Of The Spear, March 3, 2016.mp3

Showdown! Going To The Next Level, February 28, 2016.mp3

Gearing Up! Going Into Action!! February 25, 2016.mp3

Going Back Over The Basics, Again! February 21, 2016.mp3

IT's Time To Draw A Line In The Sand, February 18, 2016.mp3

Again! Jesus Is Coming! February 11, 2016.mp3

Going Through The Fire, But Walking In The Light, February 14, 2016.mp3

Baby Steps, Small Moves, February 7, 2016.mp3

The Absolute Destruction Of Babylon, The Establishment Of The Kingdom, February 4, 2016.mp3

Moses Is Dead, January 31, 2016.mp3

Part II, Final Instructions, Marching Orders, January 28, 2016.mp3

Final Instructions, Marching Orders, January 24, 2016.mp3

Guest Martin Powell, Kingdom Talents, January 21, 2016.mp3

A CRY Will Go Up In The Land, January 17, 2016.mp3

Escalation, A Call To Arms II, January 14, 2016.mp3

Escalation! A Call To Arms!, January 10, 2015.mp3

The Final Confrontation Has begun, The Second Time Around, january 7, 2016.mp3

Light Up the Sky, January 3, 2016.mp3

Redirected, December 30, 2015.mp3

Signs Are Everywhere, jesus Is Coming, December 27, 2015.mp3

Part III, Advent 2015, A Season To Remember, December 23, 2015.mp3

Part II, Advent 2015, Season To Remember, December 20, 2015.mp3

Advent 2015 A Season To Remember, December 17, 2015.mp3

What Happens Next, What Do We Do Now, December 13, 2015.mp3

Trainwreck, Showdown, And Freedom, December 10, 2015.mp3

God Is STILL In Control, December 6, 2015.mp3

Things Are Accelerating, Escating Rapidly, December 3, 2015.mp3

Grand Climax, Part 2, November 29, 2015.mp3

Gods Finest Hour(revisited), The Grand Climax, November 27, 2015.mp3

Winter Is Coming, November 22, 2015.mp3

Mountaintop People, God's Finest Hour(Revisited), November 19, 2015.mp3

MountainTop People, A New Reality, November 15, 2015.mp3

There's An Army Rising Up, November 12, 2015.mp3

World Champions, November 8, 2015.mp3

Stepping Into The Dream, November 5, 2015.mp3

New Beginnings, A TurnARound Of Events, November 1, 2015.mp3

If Things Are Changing What's The Delay October 25, 2015.mp3

One Giant Step Forward, October 18, 2015.mp3

There is a break' in the live broadcasts from May 7, 2015 through October 18, 2015
The Lord had us to shut it down during that period of time.

Last Broadcast, Explanation, Is There Not A Cause, May 7, 015.mp3

Is There Not A Cause, Sounding The Shofar Of Alarm, May 5, 2015.mp3

Is There Not A Cause, The Giants Are Coming Down, May 3, 2015.mp3

Laying The Cornerstone, Time Is Up, April 30, 2015.mp3

Laying The Cornerstone, Light Is Greater Than Darkness, April 28, 2015.mp3

Laying The Cornerstone, Final Warnings, It's Time To Take Serious Measures, April 26, 2015.mp3

Turning The Tide, A New People, April 23, 2015.mp3

Turning The Tide, When The Lord Departs, April 21, 2015.mp3

Turning The Tide, How Do We Stand, April 19, 2015.mp3

Cry Of War, The Landscape Has Changed, April 16, 2015.mp3

The Cry Of War, We Are All Warriors, April 14, 2015.mp3

The Cry Of War, The Time Is Now, April 12, 2015.mp3

2015 A Very Different Year, Paying Attention To The Signs, April 9, 2015.mp3

Born Of The Spirit, Walking In The Spirit, April 7, 2015.mp3

God's Perfect Timing, April 5, 2015.mp3

New Beginnings, The Revealing Of The Sons Of God, April 2, 2015.mp3

New Beginnings, Tribes, Families, March 31, 2015.mp3

New Beginnings, Three Days Til Destiny, March 29, 2015.mp3

A Holy Ghost Night, Powerful, March 26, 2015.mp3

Surprise, Reality, Rest, March 24, 2015.mp3

The Time Is Upon Us, March 22, 2015.mp3

The Age Of Ages, Going Deeper In God, March 20, 2015.mp3

Signs Are Everywhere, Jesus Is Coming!, March 19, 2015.mp3

A Greater Reality, March 17, 2015.mp3

The Benjamin Generation, Part III, March 16, 2015.mp3

Signs Are Everywhere, March 15, 2015.mp3

The Age Of Ages, An Introduction To Going Deeper With God, March 13, 2015.mp3

The Cornerstone, The Boundary, The Stronghold, Being Brought There, March 12, 2015.mp3

New Jerusalem, The Place, The Cornerstone, The Boundary, March 10, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast, The Benjamin Generation Part II, March 9, 2015.mp3

It'S Time For The Lord Of The harvest, The Place, The Boundary, March 8, 2015.mp3

It's Time For A Harvest, Looking Beyond, Going Deeper,March 5, 2015.mp3

It''s Time For A Harvest, New Beginnings Knitwork Discussion, March 3, 2015.mp3

New Beginnings, A Force To Be Reckoned With, Time For A Harvest, March 1, 2015.mp3

The Rose In The Desert, It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better, February 26, 2015.mp3

Breakthrough, February 24, 2015.mp3

Looking Beyond, The Rose In The Desert, Story of Esther, February 22, 2015.mp3

Looking Beyond, The Rose In The Desert, Back To Basics, February 19, 2015.mp3

Looking Beyond, Back To The Basics, February 17, 2015.mp3

From Me To You, Personal Summary And Chat, February 15, 2015.mp3

The Camp We Are Now Looking At Is Different Than The Camp Across The River, February 12, 2015.mp3

The Camp, What It Means To Be Washed IN The Blood, February 10, 2015.mp3

TheCamp, What It Means To Be Washed In The Blood, February 8, 2015.mp3

A New Camp In A New Land, , February 5, 2015.mp3

A New Camp In A New Land, Exercising Faith When It Coiunts, February 3, 2015.mp3

A New Camp In A New Land, February 1, 2015.mp3

It's Time To Change The World, Why, Because Jesus Is Coming On The Scene, January 29, 2015.mp3

Beyond, January 27, 2015.mp3

Crossing Over, January 25, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast, a Week Of Special Broadcasts, Rest And Review, January 21, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast A Benjamin Generation, January 20, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast, A Lot More Than Just A Gathering, January 19, 2014.mp3

Special Broadcast, Visitation, January 18, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast, Time No More, A Zero Point In God's Design Of The Ages, January 17, 2015.mp3

Special Broadcast, Rick Wiles, Rebecca Sterling, January 16, 2015.mp3

A Closer Look At The End Game, January 15, 2015.mp3

A Closer Look At the Endgame, January 13, 2015.mp3

A Closer Look At The EdGame, January 11, 2015.mp3

When Time Stands Still For America And The World, January 8, 2015.mp3

The EndGame versus The Kingdom, January 6, 2015.mp3

Whats Next, Gods Moving Forward, January 4, 2015.mp3

Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness, The Darkest Hour Hour, America No More, December 30, 2014.mp3

Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness, The Course, An Open Road, December 28, 2014.mp3

First Part, Hope In The Midst of Hopelessness, Last Heroes.mp3

Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness, The Death Of America, Last Heroes, December 23, 2014.mp3

Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness, Waiting Before The Gates, December 21, 2014.mp3

God Has Everything Under Control!, December 18, 2014.mp3

Hannakuh - 2014, A Gateway To Miracles, December 16, 2014.mp3

When Time Stands Still, December 14, 2014.mp3

Seven First Things, That Lead To The Kingdom Of God, December 11, 2014.mp3

Seven Last Things, The Big Blowout!, December 9, 2014.mp3

Seven Last Things, Introduction, December 7, 2014.mp3

It's Time For Something New, December 4, 2014 (BlogTalk Partial Broadcast).mp3

Start Meeting, December 4, 2014, It's Time For Something New, Vision.mp3

Peaking Out, The Surprise, December 2, 2014.mp3

It's Time For Something Real, It's Time For The Kingdom, November 30, 2014.mp3

The Shaking Is Here, Walking In The Fire, November 25, 2014.mp3

The Shaking Is Here, The Giants Are Coming Down, November 23, 2014.mp3

'It's Time'. November 18, 2014.mp3

'It's Time', November 16, 2014.mp3

'Seeds', Part III, November 13, 2014.mp3

New Beginnings, Seeds Part Two, November 11, 2014.mp3

'Seeds' November 6, 2014.mp3

New Beginnings, November 4, 2014.mp3

First Broadcast, The New Format, November 2, 2014.mp3