"I am the vine, you are the branches... "

          From the beginning years of my journey I have had a great desire to share with others.  One main outflow of that desire turned into writings.  In looking around at what others were doing at the time, I saw 'newsletters', 'ministry letters', 'books', 'sermons', etc..  My desire to share was different.  it was on a personal level, one-on-one with the reader.  What I discovered, or should say, rediscovered, was 'letter writing'!

  Letter writing is the art of relationship in written form, and even moreso, the binding effect of our kinship with each other.  As a young boy growing up in rural Georgia, people didn't have anything like what we do today for news, entertainment, communication and whatnot.  No telephones, TV or anything like that.  It was a wonder to listen to a car radio, or a box radio in the home.  So, it was a real treat when someone stopped by, or we got to see a newspaper, catalog, or magazine.  However, we did have a U. S. Mailbox on a post by the road.  The letter carrier came regularly.  As children we loved to go and 'get the mail'.  You never knew what might be there, especially a 'letter'.  Letters from family and friends were a real treat.  It was in their own handwriting whatever style that might be.  Deciphering some of the writing was part of the fun!  Letter writing today in America is a rare art form, for sure!

      That's what I had in mind in this great desire to share what Jesus was doing in my life.  Not just a letter, but a 'family letter'.  A 'special letter' to people you cared for and who cared about you.  People in the family.  So, I began to send out 'Family Letters'.  'Branches' is the final result of all of all my endeavors.  It remains today.   My hope in it is not to just present a message or whatever, but to capture the excitement of former times when we watched for the mail carrier with the hope of receiving a personal letter, that its content will truly be a joy and a blessing.

Here below, you will find some examples of this 'Family Letter' from me to you in .PDF format.

In the days ahead, it is our goal to send out these types of 'Letters' periodically.  They will hopefully not only be letters from me, Benjamin, but others as well in the New Beginnings Knitwork.  Malachi 3:16... "...they that feared the Lord spake often one to another; and the lord heard it and a 'book of remembrance' was written before Him."

Thank you for taking the time to read them.  May they be a blessing...


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October 2015.pdf October 2015.pdf
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Branches, April 2015.pdf Branches, April 2015.pdf
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