It's Time To Meet A Jesus We Haven't Seen Before!

The person of Jesus/Yeshua Hamashiach has been the focal point of controversy, strife and bloodshed from the very beginning of time.  He is the source and the meaning of life.  This has caused him to be discredited and maligned in every way, especially today.  Nevertheless, everything in the earth and in our lives begins and ends with him.  And that's the reason that, right now, today, we need to see him as he really is more than ever before.

The New Beginnings Knitwork is all about Him.  He is the creator and the keeper of it.  His presence here in the website and that which you feel while visiting is only natural.  Everything here has Him at the center, just as in all of the creation.  He has a lot more than what is on this Knitwork to share with us.  Let this be a starting point, a new beginning for each and every one of us!

It all began on the Cross there at Jerusalem long ago!

It was there that Jesus took upon himself the sin, the wrongdoing, of the whole world.  He took upon himself the guilt and the punishment that we deserved.  It was there that he died on our behalf.  He suffered greatly, more than any of us know.  Why did He do that?  Out of a love more pure than anything we have ever known.  From that day forward, that same love woos and beckons unto all of mankind to come to Him, to come to Christ!

For anyone who wishes to experience Jesus in a new and a living way, this is your opportunity, right here, right now.  It only takes a few minutes, but it will change everything!  It's just you and Him, no one else.  Have you ever wanted Him to make himself real to you?  He will do it!  Right here, right now!  And life will never be the same again!  All that is necessary is to call His name:

Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!

He Will Answer....

May the Lord Bless You And Keep You, And Cause His Face To Shine Upon You, Now And Always!